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My Therapy Philosophy

I believe that therapy, change, and healing all occur on spectrums. There is no “one size fits” all approach to this work, and that is the beauty of the therapeutic relationship. It’s an alliance and a partnership that can adapt and change based on the current support you need.


I see therapy as an extension of my commitment to activism; it’s an opportunity to collaborate around examining, dismantling, and healing some of the damage caused by oppressive systems. As your therapist, I will learn with and alongside you about what that means for your healing journey. My goal is to honor your inner wisdom, while supporting you with offerings of relevant concepts, empathetic experiences, and practical tools for you to incorporate into your life.

a queer person with makeup on and leaves covering part of their face in an artisitic way
two women walking in a pride parade with a rainbow LGBTQ flag around their shoudlers
LGBTQ pride parade sign saying "I'm here to party and to smash the heteronormative racist patriarchy"

What to Expect

As your therapist, I'll be a facilitator and guide in your process, which can often be the full spectrum of human emotions: grief, joy, fear, anxiety, frustration, etc.. I have experience working with individuals on their identity journeys, life transitions, processing alternative relationship systems outside of monogamy, pandemic support, as well as essential worker and activist-related burnout. I have a lot lived experiences navigating a host of these topics as well, and can draw upon those stories and experiences in session when appropriate to co-create healing spaces with my clients.

My full session fee is $200 per session.

I work with the following Washington State insurances:

Aetna, Ambetter (non-Medicaid plans,) Cigna, First Choice, First Choice, Lifewise,  Regence, Premera, Medicare, Kaiser, Humana. I currently take Amerigroup, Coordinated Care, and United Medicaid insurance plans.

I work with the following Oregon State insurances:

Aetna, Cigna, First Choice, Medicare, Pacific Source, Optum/United, Any Blue Cross Blue Shield plans such as Regence of Oregon, Anthem.

Sliding Scale:

For sliding scale options, my starting rate is $80 a session, but let's discuss what works for both of us.


I have a Monday-Thursday client schedule to ensure work/life balance and to practice the importance of self-care that I encourage my clients to practice in sessions. My practice is hybrid, utilizing telehealth sessions Monday-Wednesdays while having limited in-person slots at my office located in Beacon Hill on Wednesdays. If you're interested in in-person sessions, mention it when you reach out and I can check to see what is available.


Open Availability


8:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Book a Consult

Have questions?

Or, want to see if we'd be a good fit? Schedule a free consult to find out!

Tarot Curious?

Tarot cards are one of the tools that is an option in my therapy practice. If clients struggle with explaining their feelings, this might be a helpful tool as the cards have different symbols and imagery to portray a certain feeling or life transition. Tarot can also be really good ice breakers for clients that struggle with what to discuss in therapy, as they bring focus to what might need attention. I also like to use tarot cards as a way to invite my clients into self-care and somatic practices at the end of session. I have a range of decks, including several BIPOC and queer-themed decks so my clients can choose which deck they'd like to use in our practice, and make sure they can see themselves represented.

tarot cards
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