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Good Faith Estimate & No Surprises Act

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) developed standard notice and consent documents under section 2799B-2(d) of the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act). These documents are for use when providing items and services to participants, beneficiaries, and enrollees under the No Surprises Act to give more transparency of the costs of services without any surprise bills or costs to the client.​

Medical Bill No Surprises Act, Good Faith Estimate

Under this act, therapists are obligated to offer potential clients seeking therapy a Good Faith Estimate, or an estimate itemized list of the costs of services for clients that will pay out-of-network, cash pay and do not plan on utilizing their insurance to pay for therapy annually. This Good Faith Estimate document will provided to existing private pay clients as well as potential clients that are scheduling consultations and prior to intake appointments. The No Surprises Act will also require therapists to give a preliminary diagnosis in order to be in compliance, knowing that diagnoses will adapt and change based on the support needs and requests of the client seeking therapy.


My full session fee is: $175/session, and I can negotiate sliding scale and reduced rates to clients that are facing financial barriers and they will also be provided with a Good Faith Estimate of annual costs for therapy that reflect that reduced rate starting January 1st, 2022. I raise my rates every October, to pair with inflation.


Please do not hesitate to reach out about any questions or concerns regarding the No Surprises Act. I will do my best to answer any questions or concerns that arise with the Good Faith Estimate, and also wanted to be transparent in the fact that this change is very new to how therapists provide services which means there may be some more changes and additions as compliance with this act evolves and changes over time.

For detailed information about the No Surprises Act and what it means, click below.

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