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I've had the opportunity to speak on the 2023 Asian Pacific Islander Desi American and Mental Health Matters Washington panels to present how I incorporate somatic practices and activism into my therapy work with Asian Pacific Islander clients. I've also had the opportunity to be a guest on the Life Activated, Reclaiming Soul Work, and Hot Girls Healing podcasts. The topics have included:

  • The intersections of mental health and spirituality

  • Using tarot in therapy work

  • My connection to my Filipino culture and how my lived experience informs my therapy work with marginalized populations

  • The importance of self care as a therapist

  • Ways to decolonize and apply and anti oppression lens to the social work profession


I am happy to offer consultations for organizations, participate in panels, podcasts or speaking engagements that align with my passions and values.


I have an expertise in the following topics:

  • Decolonizing Filipino culture

  • Filipino and Filipino American identity issues, family dynamics, communication dynamics

  • Asian Pacific Islander topics, issues, subject matter and addressing issues of grief and activism in light of current events affecting that population since the pandemic

  • Intersections of mental health and spirituality

  • Subject matter related to decolonizing the social work and mental health profession

  • Integrating somatic practices into therapy practice


podcast microphone

Consulting support is $175 per hour, while speaking engagements are charged at a rate of $350 per event.


I am open to negotiating based on your budget or considering alternate forms of compensation such as covering parking expenses, gas/mileage, or providing meals for the speaking engagement.


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Have questions? Or, want to see if we'd be a good fit? Schedule a free consult to find out!

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